Wall of Sheroes from the Women Spammers!

August 25, 2015
What do you do when the walls of your elite graduate school are decorated with the faces of famous all-male emeriti? Make yr own!
During our Forum interview a woman called in to share a story about how she and her colleagues in the UC Berkeley school of public policy decided to react to the utter lack of female representation on the walls of their classroom, as well as a very male-dominated curriculum. I loved her story and asked her to contact me and tell me more—luckily she did. Suzanne Merkelson and her group (cheekily known as the Coalition of Women Spammers – or COWS) their own Wall of Sheroes “because of frustrations that our curriculum was very dominated by men. We went with a “wall” because there’s a wall in one of our classrooms with photos of faculty emeritus – all men!”
The Spammers of UC Berkeley!


And they so kindly made it digital! http://www.womanspamming.com/
And they made a blog! http://blog.womanspamming.com/


Love the women included on the digital wall, and love this proactive, community-based approach to increasing diversity and representation! Thanks for sharing your work, Suzanne.